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Why Choose Us

1. Our teachers

Our teachers working full time in this job and beingTCFL qualified for teaching this language are two key points to guarantee the good teaching quality. Please note: there are so many other online schools which only employ part time teachers to save their cost and do not care about the teachers¡¯ qualification and experience in teaching this language, these schoolswill not be able to deliver a good service and make the lessons effective.

Our school is not only excellent in teaching students Chinese language, but also be appointed by the International-Chinese-Language-Teachers-Association to train teachers to become qualified TCFL teachers for other¡¯s language school as well. All the teachers who are working in our school are qualified and very experienced in teaching Chinese language.

2. Our teaching platform

Teaching platform is the bridge between the teacher and the students, it direct affect the effectiveness of the teaching and learning. Most of the other online schools can not afford a dedicate teaching platform, so most of them just use one of the free software such as Skype, Google Talk etc. to teach. As you know,these free software are only designed for people¡¯s general talking, far not good enough to be used ina interactive online class to make the learning efficient. Our school invested big dollars and havedeveloped the most advanced and dedicated teaching platform for you to use during the class. not only you can talk and see each other, but also the teacher or the student canopen the prepa#1B56BC teaching documents from the system and show up on your computer screen and the teacher¡¯s computer screen at the same time. You can read, write, draw, type, make notes, edit etc. on the documents while doing the class, you can also save the documents with all your note into your computer, or simply record the whole lessons for review as many time as you like. So easy, so efficient, this is one factor you must consider when you choose a distance online school.

3. Our Pricing

Our school hasaccumulated a large numbers of students since the year 2006, very experience in this industry, so we are able to offer the lowest price for the same level of service. If any student find any other similar school offering a lower price than ours, just show us the evidence (such as a webpage or anadvertisement etc.), we will beat that price plus giving 10% extra lessons.

10 years never change our mission.

Being a pioneer, we witness the growth of online education. More and more students accept online learning and like this new learning style. They realize that online learning not only represents convenience and affordable price but also quality and considerate services. It is our honor to be here in the past 10 years and we look forward to working with you for the next 10 years. Learn More

5,100 students learned or are learning Chinese with Chinesehour.

95% of them have achieved their goals, improving their Chinese skills, learning Chinese culture, increasing grades in Chinese exams, or exploring Chinese market. It is common that family members or friends are learning with Chinesehour. We have a better understanding of the students¡¯ needs. Our students highly appreciate ¡°1-on-1 by a fixed teacher¡± mode, the best prestige of Chinesehour. Most important of all, it really works. Learn More

184,000 classes were conducted by our teachers through ET Online Classroom in the previous 10 years.

We are proud of this reliable system. ET system creates the same environment as traditional classroom and will make your learning more efficient and easier. Almost every student likes this system after trial class. As many as 50% of our teachers have a 4 years plus teaching experience. From our service, your satisfaction will surely be guaranteed. Learn More a trusted place for learning Chinese online.

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