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This Standard Chinese course is written and designed specifically for people who want to take Chinese as their second language. It is also suitable for any student who is interested in learning Chinese systematically and eventually reach a higher level of proficiency.


There are five levels for this particular program (which are stated below). Each level option provides summary and general instruction covering four language skills – reading, listening, writing, and speaking. A wide variety of online activities are utilized for training in developing independence and creativity of using Chinese language.

What's it for?

It is a gradual and systematic way of learning the Chinese language.

Key Features

  • Thorough choice of vocabulary and its structure for easy learning.
  • Topics of daily-life encounters make learning interesting.
  • Lively and dynamic activities and exercises such as story-telling, fables, rhymes and so much more bring excitement and fun into the learning process.
  • After class exercises such as homework assignments are given to students for additional study at the student’s own pace.

Level Options

Five levels: Each Level has 30 lessons

Elementary level 1

This level encourages students to master basic principles and fundamental skills of Hanyu Pinyin which will include initials, finals, and tones through listening to the professional speakers of Mandarin. The primary focus on Chinese grammar will be taught in order for the students to have the knowledge of constructing proper Chinese sentences. Students are fully encouraged to master basic Chinese phonetics of simple sentence structure and daily dialogues to enable the student to communicate effectively with his/her teacher.

Elementary level 2

In this level, Chinese language characters, sentences and phrases are transcribed in pinyin which are necessary for student’s learning and engaging in conversations. The texts are crafted using simple dialogues that are easily understood. Students will learn useful terms from passages and other examples illustrated by their teacher. Principally, the goal for this level is for the student to learn 500-1,000 words.

Intermediate level 1

Selected topics including the activities of daily life and social events enable the student to better understand the Chinese culture. The teacher utilizes some tools and fun ways in teaching Chinese characters, sentence structure and writing order and uses a gradual and step-by-step stroke of writing Chinese characters. Daily phrases, slang, idioms, and songs will be frequently discussed to expose students to the natural manner of speaking and expression. The goal for this level is to analyze sentence structures and participate in daily conversation.

Intermediate level 2

In this level, students are exposed to the reading materials and will be given a chance to express their feelings, thoughts, insights and opinions about certain things. Tasks such as making presentations, writing short essays or journals are given to improve writing skill, also various activities such as restructuring and revising characters and phrases in a fun way. These activities will allow the teacher to read articles or short stories and submit questions for students. The careful choice and use of appropriate phrases are focused and considered. At the end of the course, the student will speak fluently, listen more carefully and will obtain a higher level of reading and writing.

Advanced level

This level is specially tailored for those who plan to proceed rapidly and systematically to higher level. We have chosen suitable and appropriate lesson materials to meet student’s requirements. Each lesson in this level contains an article or a passage that is clearly presented for students to review and practice. Such things include knowledge of China’s unique culture, traditions, and customs. Various activities are used to train students to be independent and creative in learning the Chinese language.

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