ChineseHour Pinyin Chart covers all possible Hanyu Pinyin syllables for Mandarin Chinese.

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  • These are the syllables of Mandarin Chinese as shown in the combinations of initial and final sounds and as spelled in Hanyu Pinyin.
    he top horizontal row is initial sounds and the first vertical column is final sounds. Inside the chart are combinations of initials and finals in groups.
    You may click any combination to listen its pronunciation with different specific tones.
    If you want to listen to the four tones successively, you may select this button first, and then click any combination to listen, it will play the four tones successively without stop.
Note:Not every combination has the four tones. When you select a specific tone for a certain combination, and you will possibly find there is no sound to match this tone. No mistake! There doesn’t exist such a spelling for Chinese characters. For example:an. There are only three tones for “an”, ān (the first tone), ǎn(the third tone)and àn (the fourth tone). So, if you select the second tone and click “an”, you can not hear any sound, for the second tone doesn’t exist at all.