9 2018

Increase Performance 25% even double!

Increase Performance 25% even double!

Learning effectiveness is always the concern for students and parents.Better effectiveness means saving of more time and money.
Many clients will use this data to judge the quality of tutoring service.
Do you want to know the method to improve your effectiveness by 25%?
Chinesehour will help the students who want to learn Chinese improve their effectiveness by 25% or more.
This is the secret shared by students at Chinesehour.
Today it is released for the first time.
Key point for the first 25% increase of performance:
Learning Chinese is not easy for most students. At the moment there are 2 major types of learning. Group learning or 1-to-1 learning. There is no doubt that 1-to-1 learning is much better than Group class. The performance will be increase more than 25%. At Chinesehour, students will enjoy the 1-to-1 class online with fixed teacher. 90% of our students like this tutoring solution. They believe that the fixed tutor will help them much more and make their Chinese learning easier and faster.
1-to-1 online class by fixed good teacher is the key point for 25% increase of performance.

Key point for the second 25% increase of performance:
Authentic Reality Course, it is the most innovative course developed by Chinesehour. In this course, the students will be immersed to the real setting in China and learn authentic Chinese directly. In advanced class, students can talk to local people online directly. In this way, students can use their expressions and sentences learnt during the course vividly. Such course will enhance students' confidence in Chinese learning and increase their performance remarkably by more than 25%.

Through the above introduction, you must understand why Chinesehour is so popular among the online Chinese learners. A free trial will start your unprecedented experience in Chinese learning.

We believe Good Teacher brings Good Class!

Learn Chinese 1-on-1 with Fixed Good Teacher! Increase Performance 25%!

Increase performance 25% even double at Chinesehour!


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