10 2020

Learn Chinese Online 2-on-1

Learn Chinese Online 2-on-1

Online learning is the only choice for many schools since the pandemic in 2019. Online learning becomes the mainstream learning channel. No one doubts the efficiency and safety of distance learning anymore.

As a veteran of online tutoring service, Chinesehour has a dream to help more Chinese learners with our efficient service. In last 10 years, we insisted on 1-to-1 Tutoring Service with fixed tutor and received positive feedback from most of our students. We believe there is no limit in innovation. We develop a brand new tutoring service, 2-on-1 Chinese Tutoring and hope it will help Chinese learners more and better. This new 2-on-1 Tutoring Service is designed based on our experience and understanding on the needs of students. Everyone has his limitation including our professional teachers. 2 teachers have wider coverage than 1 teacher’s. 2 teachers like 2 wheels. They will drive the Chinese learning of student faster and better.

Here is more details on our 2-on-1 Chinese Tutoring Service. 2-on-1 Chinese Tutoring Service is that 2 professional tutors are responsible for the Chinese learning of the same student. The focuses of 2 private tutors are different. The tutor of main course is responsible for standard curriculum and the tutor of practice course focuses on speaking and drills. The tutors will be fixed during the learning period for higher efficiency. The practice class (25mins) will be arranged based on the schedule of main course. Normally one practice class is set up in 2-4 classes of main course.

Features of 2-on-1 Chinese Tutoring Service

Improve Chinese level in all aspect with multi-standpoint of teaching,

Enhance Chinese Speaking in real life scenario,

Strengthen adaptability for different accents and styles.

2-on-1 Chinese Tutoring Service

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