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Quick Chinese focuses on the daily communication skills with the fast and fun learning approach. Our online teachers will guide you to learn basic Chinese easy and fast. 1-to-1 Tutoring by fixed teacher ensures 100% Concentration.

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At Chinesehour, You will have the same tutor during your learning. The effect and progress are much more secured. You will learn Chinese, like Chinese and love Chinese at Chinesehour! Why not have a trial today?

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Jenny Mewes------Foreign Expert in China

I came to China in 2011 as a foreign teacher. I have been studying Chinese with Chinese Hour for more than 4 years. When I first started, I was unable to communicate in Chinese. Now I have passed HSK 4! This is all thanks to the patience of my teacher, and the way she provides good, relevant materials for me to study. Chinese Hour also allows me to study flexibly, which makes it easy for me to continue learning Chinese. I really enjoy my lessons and I’m hoping to take HSK 6 sometime in the future. All in all, studying with Chinese Hour has been a good experience and very worthwhile. I highly recommend Chinese Hour to anyone who is interested in learning Chinese in a practical, interesting and encouraging way.

Suity-----Senior Designer, California, USA

The teaching method is very effective. I have improved my Chinese, particularly in speaking and pronunciation in the last 1.5 years that I have been learning. I learn a lot about Chinese culture as well through the courses and my teacher. Now I can deal with my Chinese customers independently. That is a great achievement!

Walter-----Manager, Franklin Co, New Jersey, USA

Efficient Tuition Chinese company offers an economical way to learn Chinese. The company will work with you to tailor a program that fits the amount of time you can study. They will work with you to give you a teacher that is compatible with you and also a schedule you can meet. Your teacher will assign work for you to prepare and work with you to make improvements where necessary. The teachers have great patience when you are working to improve. I am a satisfied customer. I would also recommend that you sign up for the most economical lessons as soon as you are comfortable that you want to learn Chinese.

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