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See how tutoring works instantly right at the comfort of your home or office.

It is delivered online through ET_Class video conference system which includes functions such as quality video and audio transmission, PPT slides, and record button of the entire session for future reference.

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Chinese Private Class
Standard Chinese
This course is suitable for those who want to consider Chinese as a second language. Learning the language with real-life topics will enable you to plunge into the experience of Chinese culture therefore you learn faster this way.
Children's Chinese
This is specially tailored for children who want to learn Chinese by using textbooks, MP3 files and CD-ROM they can learn quickly, definitely a fun way to learn.
O.B.C. (Oversea Born Chinese) Chinese
为海外华人子弟专门设计的课程, 注重于拼音, 语法和中文书面能力的培养, 真正提高中文水平, 也直接服务于为升学考试的学生提高成绩.
Business Chinese
A program designed specially for business-driven people with intentions of putting up or simply doing a business in China. It offers a comprehensive study of contemporary Chinese business communications.
HSK Training Program
Conquer the HSK test! This is created specifically for those who plan to take HSK exam and pass the test the first time. A kind of program explicitly made that would fit your level of need with access to online simulations and test exercises.
Group Chinese Class
This is an innovative way for a group of students to learn chinese together. We will help you to set up a Virtual Classroom by using our video conferencing system. The virtual classroom will be suitable for 3 to 15 people in a group and learn the language together.
Self-taught Course
A 200-hour do-it-yourself online course is designed for learning Chinese language at your own pace. Through the use of multimedia courseware you can have a way to recognize your progress in learning. Also, it is a medium where the learner can practice clear pronunciation, correct grammar, comprehensive reading and accurate writing in every lesson. Register and get it 100% FREE!