12 2018

How to find a good tutor for your learning?

How to find a good tutor for your Chinese learning?

Teacher is the important factor for learning performance. Every learner wants to find a good teacher before they start their classes. It is not easy for normal learners to judge teacher’s level before the class. But this is a critical issue for learners especially online learners.
With the experience for 10 years, Chinesehour developed a rating system for Chinese tutors. There are 5 aspects including teaching experience, education background, professional skills, daily behavior and students’ feedback. The scores on these aspects will be calculated and rated in 1-5 stars. The 5 star tutors have teaching experience of more than 8,000 hours. It is easier to identify the skills and experience of different tutors. Of course, the price varies from different tutors’ level. The clients can make choices based on their requirement and affordability.


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