2 2018

Introduction to Chinese Camps

Introduction to Chinese Camps

It is better to travel ten thousands mile than to read ten thousand books.

Experience an eye-opening adventure in China! Catering to each individual child’s tastes, immersion program or not, different types of stays, offering a sporting, educational, cultural and linguistic experience in Shanghai, the largest city of China.

For all Chinese learners, visit to China is an irresistible dream. Your dream comes true easily at Chinesehour.

As the leading provider of Chinese camps, Chinesehour offers 4 different camps.

Standard Chinese Immersion Camp (Summer or Winter),

Chinese Language&Sports Camp,

Chinese Language-Culture Camp (Kongfu),

Customized Chinese Immersion Camp.

The details are listed below and there must be the one you need.

Please contact us at for more details.

Skype: chinesehour or et_advisor.

You will get a perfect solution for your individual needs.

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