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Tutoring Years:1 Recent Class:33 days ago Tutoring hours:571

No matter how hard the Chinese is , I will help you understand it in an easy way. Let us learn in an efficient and pleasant class. There are also some skills to help you remember the miraculous Chinese characters and speak Chinese as the local people do. If you want to improve your spoken Chinese, reading and other aspects , come with me!


Tutoring Years:1 Recent Class:34 days ago Tutoring hours:571

You can learn to talk and communicate even if you are a beginner. You can introduce yourself smoothly in a month. And you can learn the Chinese trade principles for your business through several classes. In addition,you can learn the hot spots and my lame jokes,haha.


Tutoring Years:10 Recent Class:45 days ago Tutoring hours:5385

Organize lessons logically; Give clear indications; Introduce variety activity or humor into the lesson to live it up and maintain the student attention.


Tutoring Years:3 Recent Class:54 days ago Tutoring hours:1648

I am a graduate of Teaching Chinese as Second Language. I can speak in Korean fluently. I will take you to learn more about Chinese culture and history because my home town is Henan, the source of Chinese culture.


Tutoring Years:5 Recent Class:54 days ago Tutoring hours:2699

专注,耐心,课堂气氛活跃,学习效率高。 Dedicated and patient. Friendly and effectve. Demo: